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Kanha National Park
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Madhya Pradesh the heart of incredible India is famed for its rich culture and tradition which can easily be seen in its ancient monuments and the locals. Apart from rich culture and architecture Madhya Pradesh is also known for its exotic wildlife and has been declared as the Tiger State of India. Madhya Pradesh is a home to Kanha National Park which is the finest tiger reserve in the country that tops the country list in its tiger population.

Kanha Kanha national park nestles itself in between Mandla and Balagat districts of the state and has been divided into two sanctuaries Banjar and Hallon valley sanctuary since 1930. The Kanha area came into existence in 1879 as a reserved forest, later in 1955 it earned the title of Kanha national park and in 1973 it was declared as a Tiger Reserve that came under the Project Tiger. The area which this national park consist has been extended several time and now it has been stretched over 940 sq km which is blessed with exotic topography.

Kanha is canonized with charismatic flora and fauna which provided an inspiration to Rudyard Kipling for his famous novel 'Jungle Book' that made this national park internationally famed for its lush Sal and bamboo forests, evergreen grassy meadows and fascinating ravines. Kanha harbor one of the largest tiger population in the country and besides its tiger population, the park has achieved its fame for preserving this rare species who are standing at the edge of extinction called Bara Singha originally named as Swamp Deer. The strictly regulated conservation programs are organized frequently here for the protection of Kanha's fascinating flora and fauna which makes it among the most well maintained National Parks in Asia.

Kanha national park besides its amazingly exotic wildlife it also provides a spell bounding natural beauty with charismatic landscapes and Bamni Dadar famously known as the sunset point is enhances its scenic charm, magnify the splendor of the area and adds on the attraction to this park. It bestows a breathtaking backdrop of the sunset against the ruminating gaur and sambhars. Apart from its breathtaking natural scenery Kanha national park is a habitat for some exotic wild animal species like over 200 leopard and tigers, 250 Bara Singha (Swamp Deer), over 22,000 spotted deer, with sloth bear, striped hyena wild boar, jackal, jungle cat, also some monkey species and much more. It also acquires over 300 species of charming birds which provides a serene view to look at.

The name of this national park Kanha has many stories behind, some of which says that the name came from the clay soil of the river bottoms and it is believed by the locals that Shakuntala's father Kanha a holy sage lived here and the name came from him only. It is the best place to spot a wild inhabitant in its natural habitat. Besides Kanha's rich and diverse wildlife and bird population this national park provides the best and most frequent sighting of tiger and Bara Singha roaming around in the wilds. The weather is pleasant throughout so it's difficult to take out a particular period for visiting this park. This remains at its best in all the seasons throughout the whole year.

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