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Goa Holidays

Goa an internationally famed tourist destination is nestled between the magnificent sea and evergreen lush forests has been located at the western coast at the Konkan coastal belt on Indian peninsula. It has been bordered with Maharashtra on the north and Karnataka on south, Western Ghats in the east and Arabian Sea in the west. Goa is the only place in India which provides a perfect merge of two cultures in itself that is Indian and Portuguese culture, as it was a Portuguese colony until 1961, on 30th may 1987 goa was declared 25th state of Indian republic. Goa is popular with different names like 'Tourist Paradise', 'Rome of the East' and 'Pearl of the Orient'. The real beauty of Goa can be found in its interiors, inside the buildings as well as the frontier part which is away from the coastal area.

Goa Tour Apart from the rest of India Goa has a unique and distinctive lifestyle as the centuries of colonial rule of Portuguese and British results in this fusion of East and West in Goa. Over the centuries Goa has been a juncture of races, religion and cultures of east and west. And this merge of the east and west out came with some fascinating examples of architectural pieces and vivid culture which fringe with artistic brilliance and vibrant festivals. The inspiration from the Portuguese and the influence from the west can be easily seen in the magnificent churches and centuries old fortifications while exploring goa.

Goa has internationally famed magnificent beaches blessed with swaying coconut palms and exotic seafood. Goa bestows some of the magnificent architectural splendors in the form of its ancient temples and old houses with fascinatingly built world famous churches that speaks Goa's interesting cultural heritage and has made Goa an all time favorite among tourists all over the world. The sandy coastline of goa with serene atmosphere and swaying palm trees provides a spell bounding landscape to its visitors which can be enjoyed with spicy sea food cuisine and perfectly blended wines. Besides the natural scenic beauty of goa it also accommodates an exotic wildlife too. Goa is also famous for its authentic handicraft items that are made out of palm leaves, shells or coconut husks which can be easily available on every other corner of this city. Generally these handicrafts are in the form of flower pots and household decors. Brass lamps are among the specialty of goa that is locally called as 'Samais'.

As Goa has a blend of western and the Indian culture, this influence can easily visible in Goan people. Their warm and friendly nature endorse and celebrate different festivals of different religions including Diwali, Christmas, Easter, Eid, Ganesh Chaturthi and all the other festivals that the rest of the country celebrates and with the same enthusiasm too.

Goa welcomes its visitors throughout the year as the weather is generally dry and pleasantly cool. But still the best time to visit Goa is the winter season, as it is the time when the whole city is in a festive spirit and is decorated with lights and balloons.

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